LET Flexitank introduced the special high-end liquid film blown film unit and its matching central feeding equipment which is ahead of the film equipment field. Through the central monitoring station, the automatic, uninterrupted and unmanned continuous Forming operation. This set of equipment with LET Flexitank led the development of the Flexitank - specific formula for production, so that special Flexitank film has been greatly optimized product performance, outstanding performance in its barrier, puncture resistance and softness.

At the same time, LET Flexitank adopts advanced variable temperature PLC heat sealing equipment, can be based on the actual needs of precision heat, but also the introduction of industry-leading PE production line, PTFE production line, ultrasonic welding, shrink film packaging machine and other advanced technology And equipment to further enhance the LET Flexitank product quality.

From raw material production equipment to finished product testing equipment, LETrepresent the leading standard in the Flexitank industry.


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