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  • LET Flexitank always regards producing safe liquid transportion products as conscience thing, treat risk control as a priority for all and does safety assurance work earnestly and down to earth. LET adheres to whole-process from raw materials to the finished products quality control concept, prom...
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  • LET Flexitank Earlier winter travel- Double Dragons Mountain

    LET Flexitank Earlier winter travel- Double Dragons Mountain

    LET Flexitank Earlier winter travel- Double Dragons Mountain Novermber photogenic season is not all about fall foliage but also super LET Team !
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  • Flexitank for our Daily Life

    Flexitank for our Daily Life

    Flexitanks offers an economic and logistics alternative to the conventional systems used in the transportation of bulk liquids. Being portable and highly mobile, the flexitank converts a 20 foot dry van container into a bulk liquid transport unit that will allow an increase volume of product del...
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  • Weekend party

    Sports and entertainment for the rich life of employees, give full play to the spirit of teamwork among employees, enhance the interaction between departments, July 6, basketball, table tennis, badminton, swimming and other activities held in the people park. The event not only stimulated the ent...
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  • 2013 Annual Conference in summary

    uly 13, 2013, the Company’s 2013 Annual Work successfully held. Efforts to meeting all management and realistic summary of the first half of the focus in the second half, and made recommendations for improvement. Various departments for the current communication issues, all the staff work i...
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  • Congratulations on LET FLEXITANK awards the international COA Certification

    Good news comes from International COA that LET FLEXITANK had passed Internationsl COA audit successfully, awards the COA membership Certification!LET FLEXITANK become the second flexitank manufacturer who awards the internation COA certification in domestic flexitank industry. Related informatio...
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