Flexitank transport raw wine to lead a new revolution in international trade

Use Flexitank be a revolution in the field of international trade , it is in the transport process more efficient and more secure.
Flexitank is a new ability to store and transport all kinds of non- hazardous liquid chemicals in a container , we mentioned today is the largest volume of about 25,000 liters of raw wine bags , which can be placed just inside 20 feet high container . Fluid bags composite material made ​​of multiple layers , including four food grade PE liner bags , plus a layer of PP woven bags.
Rabobank (Rabobank) since 2001 , will focus on the New World wine trade survey found that wine transport ( on bottled wine with original transportation perspective ) changes the maximum . In 2001 , the use of large-scale transport flexitank wine accounted for 22% of the original New World wine exports , and the remaining 78% is through bottled transport. By 2010, the original wine transport share has more than 40 % share of less than 60 percent of bottled transport .
What makes the new world wine trade gradually changed from the original bottled wine exports transport ? The answer is “green giant” green here has two meanings , the first is environmentally friendly, heavy weight than the original bottled wine wine , a bottle of 750 ml bottles of wines accounted for more than 40% by weight of the total weight of this wine . In order to reduce carbon footprint , to replace the original wine bottled wine is a very effective method of transport .
The world’s largest wine retailer Tesco (Tesco) done a good job in this regard , they imported the original wine with screw cap , lightweight glass packaging , manufacturing its own brand.
“Green” another layer of meaning is ” to reduce costs .” Rabobank estimates that transport the same amount of the original nine liters of wine than a box of bottled wine can save $ 2.25 in 2010 compared to 2001 wine transport costs , for a total savings of $ 142.3 million .
International wine producers , whether it is the original wine export , or domestic bottling , can save costs. Importers need to pay a small fee for transportation of the original wine and import taxes are low because imports of raw wine and a bottle of wine to pay different tariffs .
The original wine producers , the impact of foreign bottled wine exports raw bring are: reduce the added value of the original wine -producing countries . There is also the price factor , the original price of foreign bottled wine exports in the post , to be lower than the same bottle of imported wine prices.

Post time: Feb-01-2018
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