Flexitank for our Daily Life


Flexitanks offers an economic and logistics alternative to the conventional systems used in the transportation of bulk liquids. Being portable and highly mobile, the flexitank converts a 20 foot dry van container into a bulk liquid transport unit that will allow an increase volume of product delivered per transportation dollar spent.The main advantages of using tank containers:

1).With flexitanks, the bulk liquid cargo is transported at dry box rates instead of tankcontainer rates;

2).One way transportation costs;

3).The use of flexitanks offers better utilization of dry box containers. Approximately 40% more product can be shipped by using flexitanks over shipping product in drums;

4).The use of flexitanks reduces or eliminates costs associated with product packaging, filling, storage, handling and inventory control;

5).The flexitank is returned /disposed of at no additional cost to the shipper.


20th June, 2018

Post time: Jun-20-2018
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